About Us

Anges Bags is a fashion arm of the Ganges Group primarily to develop a more Utility and Fashion oriented line of high quality Natural and environment friendly bags. We are a successful, forward-thinking, CARBON-ZERO company who produce high quality products using natural fibres. Most of our products are sustainable, ethical, reusable and biodegradable which set these products apart from the ubiquitous plastic and paper bags.
Vertical integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution & growth of Anges Bags. Together with its network of customers Anges Bags has been responsible for establishing Jute Bags as an alternate to the Plastic Bags in many markets across the globe!
We believe we can make a difference to the future of the earth with one simple change – to cut out plastic bags by using our stylish shopping bags made from jute, a sustainable plant-based fiber. Made in India and ISO 9001 certified our jute bags are long lasting, and will biodegrade 100s of years faster than regular plastics bags.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering the best product as desired by the customer. Our mission is to cost-control at all possible points and yet deliver the benefits to the customer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain and satisfy our existing customers and reach newer markets and regions of the world. We want to make this eco friendly product within the reach of every individual we can cater.
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