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Established in 2005, Anges Bags - the fashion arm of the Ganges Group - was primarily set up to develop a fashion and utility-oriented line of natural and environment-friendly bags.

We pride ourselves on being a CARBON-ZERO company that produces high quality products using natural fibers. Since our products are manufactured from natural fibers, they are sustainable, ethical, reusable, and biodegradable, unlike the plastic bags we use every day.

We believe that with our forward-thinking approach, our organization can make a difference to the future of the earth, simply by replacing plastic bags with environment-friendly shopping bags made from jute - a sustainable plant-based fiber.


Going Green since 2005

Zero Pesticides, Zero Fertilizers, Zero non toxic Chemical and Eco-friendly processing like Azo-free Dye makes us a CARBON-ZERO company.
Global agencies annually monitor and certify our company from farm to factory to ensure ethical standards are meeting the ETI Base Code.
Most of our products are sustainable, ethical, reusable and biodegradable which sets our product apart from ubiquitous plastic bags.
Making a difference to the future of the earth with our high quality Natural and Environment friendly bags.

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We offer a comprehensive range of Eco-Friendly Bags manufactured using quality material that is sourced from the most trusted and reliable vendors. Our range of products are developed keeping in mind the varied preferences of our clients.


Jute is one of the strongest natural fibers on this planet. Traditionally farmed, it is grown in conditions similar to organic farming. The plant itself requires no irrigation or fertilizers, and since every part of the plant is utilized, there is zero wastage.

We Offer

  • Hessian, Sacking, HCF Fabrics
  • Fine Hessian
  • Jute Sacks- Regular & HCF
  • Jute Shopping bags
  • Jute Made ups: Home Textiles, Garden Products, Tapes & Ribbons


Cotton is one of the most commonly used natural fibers in existence. It is used in a variety of applications due to its versatility. Once spun, this fiber creates a tightly-woven, lightweight, breathable texture that is extremely durable.

We Offer

  • Cotton Yarn
  • Light Weight sheeting (4 Oz-6 Oz)
  • Cotton Canvas(8 Oz-14 Oz)
  • Washed Canvas
  • Shopping Bags
  • Cotton Made ups: Home Textiles, Aprons & etc.


Juco is a woven combination of 75% jute and 25% cotton. It brings together the tighter weave of a cotton bag and the hard wearing durability found in traditional jute bags. Juco has a longer lifespan and, more importantly, it is environmental-friendly.

We Offer

  • Juco Shopping bags
  • Juco Made ups: Home Textiles, Garden Products, Tapes & Ribbons